III Congress in Health Sciences Research 2019 - Trends in Aging and Cancer

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“Trends in Aging and Cancer”

November 2019, Covilhã
The third edition of the International Congress in Health Sciences Research took place in November 2019. The congress presented an excellent opportunity to academic and industrial experts to interchange knowledge and build new networks with young and senior researchers, improving the discussion of new scientific ideas. This event focused on recent advances in biomedical research about aging and cancer. 

The major topics in discussion centered on the mechanisms underlying the onset and progression of neurological and neurovascular diseases as well as cancer, mechanisms of action of novel therapeutic drugs, innovative diagnostic and treatment approaches in brain disorders and tumors. Moreover, an entrepreneurship approach was also be explored through the participation of several companies. Social activities were organized in parallel, providing a relaxed environment for Researchers to interact outside the scientific debate.

Date & Time
14 November 2019
Start - 08:00
16 November 2019
End - 19:00 Europe/Lisbon

Faculdade de Ciências da Saúde

Av. Infante D. Henrique
6200-506 Covilhã
Castelo Branco Portugal
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